Render Faster Service To Your Client: Our Potential ERP Software Enables You To Plan Smart Sales System Easier

ERPNU’s tool for retail helps retailers manage their businesses in an effective and efficient manner by providing consistent information flow and selling more. It eases your purchase system and keeps records of all your suppliers with breakdown of the supply lot. Smart sales planning system to manage customers and increase profitability in the retail sector.

Point Of Sale

The most versatile POS system to grow and run a successful retail business. Fit with any device, integrating your POS system with your core business management system will provide accurate stock analysis. Efficient inventory integration with real-time retail management which works even online and offline.

Stock Management

ERPNU’s features efficiently integrated inventory for real-time stock management, enables a quick view of product availability, warehouses stock levels, stock transfers, and so on. To make data-driven decisions for batched or serialized items, just scan barcodes with your device camera and fast search through stock, the management of your retail stock just being simpler.

Multi-Store Retail Management

As modern technology is covering the market, your multi-store business should also use smart cloud technology. Tracking the operations of all the branches is as easy as logging into a system. Update the data in real-time, keeping stock levels and sales up to date. It is very beneficial for larger retailers. You will have an accurate view of your store performance, which will help you understand your business better.

Promotional Schemes

The promotional scheme management that ERPNU’s technologies offer ensures catapulting your business growth within the retail industry. With our tool, various different promotional schemes are created. The rendered services can be configured automatically that changes the applicable pricing rules.

Invoicing And Pricing

Our ERP system software process manages, and smoothly handles customers’ subscription billing cycle from end-to-end. After invoicing your customers of every purchase, chasing them on receivable payments with features like payment requests, and get notified by email or SMS alert. Design custom printing templates of bills (by using Jinja or HTML) set up by defaults in just a moment.