The Leading Advanced Agricultural Management Software

ERPNU software platform is most smart, being widely used globally for farms, farmers, procurement, processing, supply chain, and financial data management and analysis.

Manage Your Agriculture With One Software

The use of intelligent software solutions in agriculture helps to significantly increase the performance and quality of processes and implicitly the quality of crops, Innovative ERPNU software farm management solutions, help farmers to efficiently manage all farm activities, get projections for crops, plants, soil, weather, water, etc. With ERPNU you can also get the invoicing facilities.

Manage Your Cultivation

In the cultivation of your crops, the important tasks like row spacing, seed sowing, plowing, picking, manage all these tasks simply with our software. Timeframe for cultivation, the materials required for cultivation, and store those by items and by-products. All these are in one solution module.

Crop Cycle

In your agriculture business, maintaining the crop cultivation cycle is a crucial task, from seed sowing, irrigation to harvesting and creating customized cycles with the ERPNU’s software. Adding the locations where your cultivation cycle will take place, any contingency situation like diseases and other issues to combat will be incorporated in the crop cycle.


Agricultural location theory consists of both the location-allocation process of land used by farms for cultivation, the organization could use land in one central area or in multiple locations. With the smart software draw map that shows your total area of land, you can also create the base point as parent location when cultivation in multiple locations.


Crop diseases, sometimes unavoidable in your crop cultivating cycle, need to design necessary arrangements and take appropriate remedies to sit on quickly from the situation. With ERPNUs tools, design a plan and record all the necessary measures and time needed to overcome the problem.

Plant Analysis

Plant analysis is a crucial task to track the high-yielding crops in a particular location. Plant sampling the correct part at the correct time and in the correct location is critical to ensure accurate results, recording multiple plants in a single composite sample is crucial to quality harvesting. Set the actual, minimum and maximum values for proper analysis results.

Water Analysis

Water analysis is essential for the germination of seeds, growth of plant roots, and nutrition. The hydraulic process in the plant water is fundamental. With ERPNU’s tool, record water contents and testing on collected samples. Log result time, actual, minimum and maximum values to detect the anomalies

Soil Analysis

Soil analysis can also be arranged with ERPNU’s tool to record soil collection and testing on collected samples. Log result time, actual, minimum and maximum values to detect the anomalies.

Soil Texture

Keep a record of soil textures for proper cultivation and harvesting. There is are a number of soil textures - clay or sandy, silty or peaty, chalky or loamy, recording the textures of soils in your lands with the excellent software tool.


No farmer can fight the weather. Although, he can adopt the given situation and take a configurable farm management process to minimize crop losses. With the software being aware of real-time weather conditions like air and dew temperature, precipitation, and humidity is the best way to protect crops.

Sales And Purchase

With our ERP system software, process, manage and handle customers’ subscription billing cycle smoothly from end-to-end. After invoicing your customers of every purchase, chasing them on receivable payments with features like payment requests, and getting notified by email or SMS alert. Design custom printing templates of bills (by using Jinja or HTML) set up by defaults in just a moment