ERPNU, a powerful Health ERP system, effortlessly handles a wide range of tasks with exceptional ease and efficiency

Implementing ERPNU software in healthcare settings such as hospitals and clinics offers compelling benefits, including cost reduction, improved operational efficiency, enhanced patient safety, and better clinical outcomes.

Modern ERP For The Healthcare Industry

In the healthcare industry, the business requirements of ERP software have no more exceptions than any other industry. Globally, health care industries are struggling to achieve twin goals: quality healthcare services and significant cost minimization. The competition in healthcare industries, to stand on this completion, move on by leveraging advanced enterprise technology with ERPNU.

Patient Repository

A medical file is a complete record of a patient's key clinical data and medical history, such as demographics, vital signs, diagnoses, medications, treatment plans, laboratory and test results, etc. With ERPNU create a file with the integration of all data, which is accessible easily by everyone.

Healthcare Practitioners

ERPNext facilitates creating multiple practitioners and linking each one to their appropriate access permissions. The practitioners’ can also be linked each person to their employee documents, which lets everyone access all HR data.

Practitioner Schedule

Scheduling the availability of healthcare practitioners, with ERPNU’s configurable physician schedule, sets the day and appointment time of each practitioner, the system automatically sets patient appointments within each practitioner’s schedule.

Patient Appointments

With the configurable scheduling system, the availability of practitioners and appointments with patients is just simple; there is no chance of double-booking slots.

Document Storage

Doctors have to be compelled to maintain numerous reports, notes, and knowledge for every patient. rather than addressing third-party storage apps, use ERPNU file attachments to store documents of any format — from text, PDFs, and reports to pictures or videos. This ensures that the patient record reflects all pertinent info.

Patient History

With the ERPNU’s Patient History report, you'll be able to read any patient's historical records — primary details, allergies, past medications, patient interactions with doctors, and so on. See the lifecycle of a patient, right from the start of their journey along with your health care unit.


With ERPNU’s automated software, email your patients or their overseer about their appointments, medication and follow-ups. In an automated email, tread replies will be fetched automatically.

Patient Encounters

ERPNU facilitates you to record each encounter with patients. You’ll be able to produce a Patient Encounter, either supporting an antecedently reserved appointment or by directly making a replacement Patient Encounter. All patient-related details are mechanically inhabited, in conjunction with the most recent very important signs, patient records, and different necessary data.


ERPNU has the efficiency and capabilities to customize easily to your needs. Record all assessments of patients through prescriptions. Our personalized print format builder makes it easy to customize forms. Incorporate your hospital’s letterhead, and information you want, in configurable format; get a professional and classy looking prescription.

Clinical Procedures

ERPNU’s healthcare ERP to map any clinical procedure. for instance, wound cleansing, imaging, endoscopy, or cataract surgery. ERPNU enables you to preconfigure Clinical Procedure Templates therefore you do not need to set default properties like consumables when you order a procedure. Automated machine-driven billing system of every procedure and also the consulting doctor's charges