Enhance your work style with state-of-the-art project management software that takes your productivity to new heights.
Leverage ERPNU's task-driven approach to effortlessly organize, schedule, plan, and analyze projects, fostering seamless team collaboration and expediting your work processes.

Stakeholder Access

Support module is centralized for the whole ERPNU so any problem, raise Issue ticket and track anytime. One-click scan, customized bill formats. New announcements are crispy to share with the team. Full-fledged customer portal for a flawless experience.

Time-Tracking & Billing

Projects and tasks can be easily trackable by defining actionable activities. Project Profit or loss insights can be captured based on resource costing and billing. Payroll is directly linked to projects for the processing of salaries.

Profitability Analysis

Get accurate live insights into project performance and cost incurred. Plan every project phase-wise so crystal clear on future projections, allocate budgets towards projects, and also see how much budget is spent and pending towards that particular project. No deviation, No confusion – You focus on the productivity area ERPNU is there for you to solve all problems.


Projects are handled in a task-driven method so more productive with minimal resources. Projects can be split into pieces and assigned to the team which increases collaboration, timelines, and achieves the project more efficiently.

To-Do List & Realtime Chat

Tasks can be created and assigned to your employees. ERPNU will automatically add these to their TO-DO list, Just sit and enjoy the automation here. Real-time chat eliminates dependency on all external applications for communication. A project management suite will make your life easy.

Project documents

It simplifies the access control of any document whether it is external or internal, everybody has the common access to place the important documents based on the control.

All-In-One Workspace

Project deadlines, progress, Compare projects, estimation of deadlines, and forecasting lots more can be easily tracked.