Advanced Procure to Pay and Order to cash process which increases productivity and lower costs.
From Procure of an item to payment of Invoice, and Customer order to Cash ERPNU is fully integrated to track Inventory, Suppliers, deliveries, Order fulfillment, Production status, planning methods all in one system. ERPNU has advanced features that are not available in SAP, Oracle, etc.

Promotional Schemes

Managing discounts and Margins based on amount is a built-in ERPNU, Just use when you require. We can run Promotional schemes links to pricing rules and products. We can mix the promotion scheme with the other product and services as well, which means we can promote based on our conditions.

Customer Access

If you work with clients, you will fall in love with the ERPNU. Using the portal, the client can not only view project status but also raise support issues, a One-click Scan of invoices billed, and many more. You can use it for New announcements as well! Give your customers a complete, amazing experience while they await the delivery of your services.

Elegant Print Formats

Custom Print format templates using basic HTML change, you can set your style and design. Whether it is a Purchase order or sales order, design simple and crisp formats. Customers and Suppliers will love it.

Multi Sales Channels

World-leading Integrations like WooCommerce, Shopify, Amazon MWS directly with ERPNU. In this way, the business will integrate into a single system by smoother transactions. Let’s enjoy selling and buying!

Powerful Marketing Tools

As the world is completely transforming into the digital world, Email Campaigns for the targeted audience will be sent on a particular time frame that is set in the system. Bulk Emails, Flyers, Newsletters, Blogs, What not! ERPNU is ready for your needs.

Track Serial Numbers

Real-Time tracking of Inventory, Available stock, Location stock available and transfers, managing the end-to-end process. Barcode scanner via Mobile camera! Yes sounds great right. It will create a new way of searching for products.

Realtime dashboard View

Live Dashboards give a glance view of key performance indicators related to the business processes. By this provision to create configurable accounting dimensions and customizable live views, you can analyze each component of your business in one place. All Important data of your Sale and Purchases for a quick smart view.