Skyrocket your sales with the ultimate CRM

Accelerate the sales process with the world's leading CRM solution. ERPNU empowers you to achieve more in less time by capturing leads, driving sales, automating repetitive tasks, connecting with prospects, and fostering business growth. Experience a truly customer-centric CRM that optimizes your sales efforts and helps you close deals faster.

Digital Marketing

Use Email Campaigns for targeted marketing – a planned schedule of emails to be sent within a particular time frame. Reap the benefits of campaigns for analysis of lead sources. Send bulk emails to your customers with fancy Newsletters. A CRM tool that soars your chances of lead closure.

Crisp, Beautiful Quotations

Bulk emails can be sent in one click, by this way Email Campaigns, Newsletters, Flyers, Promotions,.etc can run for selected customers very easily. It can be scheduled based on time & date. You Just and relax ERPNU do magic

Total Visibility Of Sales Pipeline

Live view for you to track crucial sales and marketing opportunities, and plan the strategy for increasing your lead-to-deal by using the Advanced funnel method.

Sales Team Efficiency

By collaborating with leads and opportunities with multiple assignments. Many reports monitor the performance of the sales team, lead traffic, conversion rate of sales, Incentive plan, and lots more.

Automate Daily Chores

Control of manual work by setting up auto-assignment rules for distributing leads among the team. This will give extra time to the sales team for more commitments.

Omni-channel Interactions

In ERPNU, you won’t miss even a single opportunity, even the call popup, will receive live notifications on incoming calls. By email account configuration you can convert emails received in your inbox into leads. Now your Interactions with clients all will be converted into data so not even a single point will be missed while handover to another salesperson. So your sales force is ready to Increase your sales with ERPNU.

360-Degree View Of Your Business

ERPNU covers every corner of your business. Just relax and focus on new ideas to improve.