Advanced record-keeping system for a company’s financial data with debit and credit account records validated by a trial balance and provides real-time of your Cashflow.


Bank reconciliations are made easy and transparent. Bank Cash accounts are maintained neatly and can track opening and closing balances. One-Click upload of bank statements and real-time track on accounting. Wow, that sounds Interesting right!

Auto Invoicing

Auto-renewals activity for products and services. Subscriptions are super easy to maintain, completely automated on Invoice generation, auto rules, and Accounting entries.

Multi-Currency Accounting

The system will do everything for you from Converting Functional currency transnational data to foreign currency automatically. Reports will act as a pillar to track and maintain everything hassle-free.


Business Analytics for the complete organization process, Dashboards can be customized and personalized based on the requirement. Now every component is at its fingertips. Mobile apps for IOS & Android devices made on-the-go decisions.

Billing And Pricing

Account receivables Invoices, Payment request reminders via SMS/eMail/Applications. Auto invoice generation based on rules for Item pricing and Customization for Bills, Invoices, and Print formats.

Journals And Payments

The modern way of maintaining ledger accounts. Track Income and expenses, Auto accrual process, Period Closures, and Repayments. Payments can be reconciled on the go in cash management.

Chart Of Accounts

Chart of Accounts acts as a key structure of company accounting, In ERPNU a tree view structure of COA makes it more transparent. COA Importing is very easy. Just one click and start your business from Day 1.

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