Growth in Your Distribution Business With The Most Cost-Effective ERP Distribution Software.

Gain real-time access to available inventory and control stock levels, inventory in transit, reorder quantities and control inventory costs. Efficiently manage your distribution process to gain customer satisfaction and maximize profit. Simply manage multiple warehouses, lots, matrix items, expiration dates, and locations.

Know Where Your Business Is

With ERPNU’s best ERP software tracking on every item and batch of your warehouse inventory with the serial number and batch tracking features. Ensures accuracy and efficiency in order processing, counting on your warehouse inventory quantities and locations, and making a future projection of how much inventory you’ll need and the right amount of product on hand to meet sales. Manage your warehouse at minimal cost and effort.

Item Variants Management

Item variant is a version of an item with different attributes; in the manufacturing process you need to track each type of item and its variants suppose a t-shirt is an item and it comes in different colors and sizes like red, blue, green, small, medium, and large. With ERPNU’s manufacturing software an item template will be created to store the primary item and each of the variants of that primary item will store as an item variant.

Multi-Store Retail Management

As modern technology is covering the market, your multi-store business should also use smart cloud technology. Tracking the of the operations of all the branches is as easy as logging into a system. Update the data in real-time, keeping stock levels and sales up to date. It is very beneficial for larger retailers. You will have an accurate view of your store performance, which will help you understand your business better.

Stock Replenishment

Inventory replenishment processes face enormous complexities in maintaining optimal inventory balances. ERP systems alert of stock-out conditions – Inventory Replenishment alerts the buyers to potential stock-outs. ERPNU automatically creates the material request whenever the stock level goes below the reorder level.


Be it Shopify, WooCommerce or Amazon AWS, now it is easy to integrate ERPNU items, customers, and Suppliers and. It just takes a 4-click configuration to make the Sales order cycle supersmooth.

Multi-currency Accounting

Managing transactions in different currencies is simple with our distribution software. Send invoices and add expenses in any currency, and let the system convert them to your base currency. You can even see financial transactions and reports in multiple currencies.

Invoicing and payments

ERPNU provides custom Invoicing for your customers and chases receivable payments with payment requests and email/SMS notifications. Automated reminders and advanced reports help for full transparency.