Elevate your customer service to new heights with an agile SaaS help desk software solution

Unlock enhanced productivity through valuable integrations such as Knowledgebase, Live chat, SLA, and more. With our transparent customer support system, you can effortlessly track tickets, automate processes, generate reports, manage escalations, and enjoy numerous other features—ERPNU is an All in a single, comprehensive system.


Feedback is very important for any product or service. ERPNU won’t let you miss any support issues, by integrating a schedule, a healthy tracking system will give hassle-free.


By creating knowledge base documents & FAQ’s we can reduce the count of tickets and the customer trust factor on brand increases simultaneously. The turnarounds and SLA's can be controlled in the initial phase.


By Automating the assignment rules we can decrease the manual effort and give us more time to focus on quality and streamlining the support process.


Your clients can track the status of their issues and your team’s correspondence in the Issue Portal. Simply invite the customer as a user in your ERPNU account and let them reap the benefits of full transparency about open sales orders, shipment tracking via delivery note status, raising issue tickets, and tracking resolution details. Level up your customer’s interaction with your system and enjoy the benefits of the boosted customer experience.


SLA’s are key areas for quality in time support, ERPNU can be fully customizable based on Policy, time, and response. 360 degrees tracking system so won’t see any challenges. Gives lots of insights to improve your business.


Engage and collaborate for addressing support tickets with multiple assignments or mentions. Out-of-the-box reports to monitor the performance of your support team, analyze ticket traffic, open and close tickets. See all the finer details of the big picture of your help desk.