ERPNU is the end-to-end solution for the Hospital industry.


You can manage a chain of restaurants in different places and as well as different currencies. Customize the menu, tables, staff, billing, POS and many more.

Quick Reservations

Increase your bookings and delight your visitors with a simple, yet powerful, booking feature. Customize the page by Setting up the time, the number of people, and name of the guest, etc.

Smart Dashboard

ERPNU will share all provide insights like currently reserved tables, restaurant orders, rooms booked/available you need to make smarter decisions. All in a single, intuitive dashboard.

Restaurant Tables

Create tables when customers book a table and order food once they are seated. All information is created and saved for easy viewing and reconciliation.

POS Restaurant Management

ERPNU has a comprehensive feature for restaurant management. Track customer orders, Create invoices, and once paid, add payment details, multiple payment options at check-out, Offers, accounting, etc. One Dashboard has many solutions.

Room Bookings

Real-time analytics based on the availability of rooms, Online booking, inst booking, combo offers, different room types. Advanced accounting will help to run the business successfully.

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