Introducing ERPNU, a comprehensive software solution for managing colleges and schools

Streamline daily operations, generate valuable reports, and make informed decisions with the automated Institute Management Software provided by ERPNU. This online school management system effortlessly simplifies academic and administrative processes, ensuring a seamless experience for institutes.

Cloud-Based, Self Automated ERP For Educational Institutes

With the evolving advanced education system, so are our ways of managing it. We are beginning the transition from a typical people-centered classroom to a more digitized learning environment. As such, educational institutes are grasping new technologies, smart tools, and digitized techniques to facilitate better learning outcomes for students. With ERPNU’s software having anything to do with it. Indeed these integrated administrative frameworks, these management systems are becoming more commonly utilized in the education industry.

Simplify Admission Processes

The admission process for all programs involves inquiry, form sale, form submission, application, document submission, and whatnot. The selection process in higher education has an extra layer of the various selection processes even more complex. With the help of an education ERP system, integrate all the above processes in one module. It makes work easy and simplified with ERPNU.

Student Data

Automated Student information management system, management of students data. ERPNU’s tool provides capabilities for registering students in courses; documenting, personal information, results of student tests, and other assessment score; building student schedules; tracking student attendance; and managing many other student-related data needs in a school.

Storage Management

Many institutions, universities are still utilizing an archaic method of filing. Storing thousands of documents in filing cabinets just too much at stake. There are a number of reasons why having a paperless DMS is no longer optional, reasons such as cost, large data storage, and disaster recovery planning, but perhaps the most compelling reason of all is security issues. ERPNU’s proving the facility to upload and share all documents efficiently.


Digitizing the educational organizations in this Internet era makes academic courses schedule easier, and also in management and scheduling. The ERPNU’s system helps students and teachers with the courses and assessment plan. Students and teachers access or modify data from anywhere at any time.

Course Admission

In Students’ academic Program Enrollment, keep record specific courses for the particular subjects in a particular academic year. In program enrollment when a student enrolls for a particular course then you can create an automated program Enrollment. This term may also describe the number of students that currently attend the courses. The compulsory courses in the particular program will be automatically filled in the student's Enrolled Courses table, while optional courses can be selected manually.

Manage Programs & Courses

Higher education institutes run multiple educational programs and courses to have a high number of enrollments. Keeping manual records of all these courses is a tedious task. ERPNU management ERP system can create and manage the different programs that are run by your institute. Enroll/unenroll students as per your requirements. The compulsory courses in the particular program will be automatically filled in the student's Enrolled Courses table, while optional courses can be selected manually.

Attendance Management

Automated Student attendance management system, manage and tracking of students attendance during class. ERPNU’s attendance tool provides capabilities that help teachers to easily track and mark attendance. With very simplified checkboxes corresponding attendance records in the backend made simpler.

Fees Management

Managing the manual fee process is quite hectic and takes a lot of time. Managing fee records of different students according to their departments and classes can be frustrating and difficult. However, with a fee software tool, easily create digital profiles for students by adding contact details and track their fee records. Taking into consideration all the components such as scholarships, hostel fees, discounts, extra-curricular activities fees, library fees, and much more, however, a cloud-enabled fee automation system with role-based access is highly secured in nature.

Student Evaluation Plan

Student evaluation or examination for any program, Just create an evaluation plan. With this tool, keep records on student groups, grade scale, evaluation criteria, examiner, supervisor, and so on. Create your institution’s evaluation plans in ERPNU and get results generated easily with the smart tool.

Learning Management System

ERPNU designed an advanced and smart cloud-based module with features that allow institutions to arrange and publish programs on their website. The program can be designed with text contents, videos, audio clips, quiz series, etc. The progress tracking on students’ performance can be easily tracked and evaluated through the desk as well as the portal.