In the past decade, business has gone beyond traditional brick-and-mortar world.

ERPNU is a next generation ERP that has all the features you need to manage operations like customer management, service management, billing and CRM. You can even import your data from other ERP's like SAP or Oracle.


Customers are the key to any business. In ERPNU we can manage customers the way you want - by categories, region, Revenue, etc. Give premium services by dedicated account managers.

Store and maintain data of your customers based on your flavor of business like contacts, emails, region, interest, etc. This data can be used for different campaigns and loyalty programs to build more trust with your customers.


Subscriptions are key for any business sector, ERPNU automates key business tasks like Trial period, Subscription plans, Auto Invoice generation, auto mail setup for different intervals like daily to yearly based on nature of business.

Customer Campaigns

For any business, getting new customers is the most challenging part. For this, many ERPs are depending on third-party applications. The beauty of ERPNU is having it all inbuilt where you can start your campaigns in a few single clicks, send emails to multiple leads, and manage the campaign like a Pro.

Projects & Billing

ERPNU has an agile way to handle project management and has advanced tracking techniques like Gantt chart, Kanban, Round Robin, etc. Bill your customers for the employees you've sent to their site using the Time Sheets.

Support & Help desk

Managing Issues of the Service Industry is too complex to manage. ERPNU automates many tasks which means customer support is super easy now, allowing tickets to be automatically assigned to the team using the round-robin fashion.

Maintenance Visits

ERPNU has an intelligent feature i.e Maintenance Schedule feature, You can't miss a single visit to your customer. Assign the employee or auto-assign based on the availability of the employee for each visit and capture customer valuable feedback. ERPNU changed all this tiring process to a super easy one.

Real-time analytics

ERPNU has unique reports to monitor how the support team is performing, turnaround time, SLA, Feedback system, ticket status and lots more. Higher management can easily perform analysis based on powerful reports which give deep insights.

Knowledge articles

By creating knowledge articles and FAQ’s we can reduce the issue load, ERPNU is an excellent platform to showcase your solution strategies. KB’s will resolve simple issues day to day and support can concentrate on complex issues.