ERPNU is the Smartest and most Powerful NGO ERP Software on the planet

Managing administrative systems, financial systems, and personnel (both employees and volunteers), simply and efficiently across different countries and cultures.

Nonprofit, Solution-Pro

ERP for Nonprofits will leverage your process with unimaginable benefits. ERPNU delivers atop which is fully integrated, compliant, and quick to deploy. Database software for nonprofits lets you manage all your financial transactions in a way and put your business to standard practice. ERPNU's nonprofit management software because of its modular structure enables quick implementation and lets organizations go live in days instead of months.

Members Management

Non-profit organizations need a smart tool to manage their database of members efficiently. For that, nonprofit management software can be very useful. At ERPNU, we offer system design with the best programs for managing your organization. Set membership plan with expiration and existing customers or distributors the members of your organization

Membership Grow

We know that nonprofit as a membership organization, professional associations, looking for a solution that does more than just membership management. Must need a membership system designed to help your organization grow. That’s why ERPNU was built with a membership program— because you need a software system that will help you achieve your goals.


As a nonprofit considered a membership organization, volunteers are very important to many nonprofit organizations. Record volunteers and categorize them based on their availability status and skills they are dedicated to contributing.


The membership in nonprofit organizations does not grow all the time. Some are your donors who contribute to your organization by their will and donate one or multiple times. The ERPNU facilitates recording each of your donors when receiving a donation, it reflects the updated information of your donors.

Grant Application

Whether your organization gets grants from governments or foundations or may give grants to others. No matter the grant, it's simplest to record and track on ERPNU.